The history legacy

Near La Rochelle, in an exceptional setting, age wise the finest wines from Grande and Petite Champagne. Legacy of knowledge passed from generation to generation, cognacs Normandin-Mercier are the result of a long tradition. Remained unchanged for 5 generations, developing cognacs Normandin-Mercier now means exceptional, perfection and exaltation tastes.

Famille Normandin-Mercier

The sources of creation

Since 1872, Normandin-Mercier cognacs are selected with the utmost requirement and high in traditional cellars of the castle. The geographical location of the property and its proximity to the ocean helps regulate temperature variations while providing fullness and special and exceptional distinction. The care given to each cognac makes it unique, rare and divine. Taste now a very old cognac Normandin-Mercier is an experience that allows us to understand what is being blessed by the Gods.